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About Prism Consulting


We have to invent to survive, how can your invention be successful?


We are here to help you commercialize your technology or product, or as an investor to determine whether you should invest your capital in a company, product or technology.


Inventing something great or novel does not necessarily mean that it will be a succcessful product.

There are many economical, business, and social aspects that need to be positive for the invention to become successful.

Like a prism diffracts the light into different colours, we will tell you how to contract different elements to make your investment successful.



About me


My name is Erol Cagatay


I have a keen interest in technology and a passion for learning. My professional background is in business development and strategy, creating value for companies such as Siemens and EADS. I have helped business units merge in Saudi Arabia, pitched business plans to Venture Capitalists in Singapore, detailed strategic landscapes in Denmark.



M.Sc - Georgia Inst. of Technology in Aerospace Eng.

B.Sc - The Univ. of Texas at Austin in Aerospace Eng.